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    Review: Cam Brings Tons of Talent to Ryman Auditorium for Otherside Tour

    Cam brought Jillian Jaqueline and Amythyst Kiah to the historic Ryman for The Otherside Tour and it was a magical evening. There were no bells and whistles, only pure talent. Everyone enthralled the crowds not with flashing lights, special effects, and/or smoke machines but with beautiful voices and storytelling skills. 

    Jillian Jaqueline kicked off the night with a medley of Blink-182, Kylie Minogue and Brittany Spears. Of course, as a 90’s kid, I was immediately sucked into her set. What stood out about Jacqueline’s performance was her ability to sing the lyrics so convincingly that I was moved to tears. Check out the song “Hummingbird,” dedicated to her parents, to get a taste of the emotions I felt during her time on stage. 

    Jaqueline was followed on stage by Kiah and they each brought something different to that historic stage. While Jaqueline brought a sad country vibe to the show, Kiah switched things up by bringing a rock and soul sound to the stage. Even during the sad songs, her performance left me feeling a certain level of hopefulness. Her talent as a lyricist was noticed immediately, and her ability to perform and excite the crowd was equally impressive. 

    Finally, Cam took the stage and reminded us that this event was meant to be a release. So, we should feel free to laugh or cry (I did both). We should feel free to feel what we need to feel to let things go. She then encouraged the crowd to stand up, shake their bodies and let it all go. As I stood there shaking myself and feeling silly, I noticed that there was not one person in the crowd who was refusing to go along with the request. Instead, we were all shaking and looking foolish. At this point, I knew I was in for a treat. 

    What we in the crowd got after her opening speech was a mind-blowing experience at the Mother Church. Cam had us in tears with “Burning House.” She had us singing along with a cover of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” and laughing with her stories about the origins of the songs she wrote. 

    Maybe the most important takeaway from this night is just how talented Cam truly is. When an issue with the microphone and sound system occurred, she went a cappella for “He Walks With Me” where she showed off just how powerful and pure her voice is. Her songs were as diverse as her opening acts. Cam can tackle traditional country and then switch to pop in a completely effortless manner.  

    The Otherside Tour is one in which there is something for everyone. Cam will entertain you with her infectious personality and humor and then feed you a beautiful pallet of simply good music. See more of her tour dates here.