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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Pop-Rock Band The Revelries

    "I tried to write a bunch of songs called 'Cliché Love' and most of them weren’t great and then this version came about and we all said, 'Yup.. that’s the one.'"

    The Revelries may call Nashville home now but the band formed in Baton Rouge, cutting their teeth performing around LSU and other Southeast college schools. Fast forward to now and the pop-rock group is signed to EDGEOUT UMG, with two recent releases on the label.

    With each new track, we become bigger fans of The Revelries. We chatted with the band’s Beau Bailey to get to know the guys behind “Cliché Love.”

    Nashville Noise: Tell me how y’all met and decided to form a band.

    BB: Me and John were Sigma Nus at LSU. We both figured out that the other loved playing music, so we got together in John’s room and played a few songs. We started off playing some Coldplay and Kings of Leon covers but then I showed him some of my songs and we were like, “yeah dude let’s start a band.”

    We met Logan at a soundcheck for a show that both of our bands were playing at and immediately noticed he was the best guitarist we had ever seen. We became friends with him and started to jam at our old house. We sent him our song “Open Door” and he wrote the most badass solo to it. After that it was a no-brainer that we wanted him in our band, so we asked him and he said yes!

    NN: And the rest is history! Where’d the name come from?

    BB: Well we used to be called “Drop Out Project,” but that name fizzled out pretty quick [laughs]. We wanted to change our name to something sentimental to us, but also something fun. Our first road trip we ever took was to Ruston, Louisiana to play at a bar called The Rev. The show was crazy and one of the most fun that we had played, so we googled what revelry meant and it said “lively and noisy festivities; especially when these involve drinking large amounts of alcohol.” So naturally, The Revelries just felt right. I absolutely love our band name and am super proud of it.

    NN: I’m originally from BR and I know how different the two cities are. Did you have any culture shock when you moved here?

    BB: Ah that’s awesome! The first few times we came to Nashville, we definitely had a culture shock. We realized how many musicians were here and how talented people were everywhere. The first place we stopped at was a restaurant called Brown’s Diner. They had a jazz trio set up in the back corner of the restaurant playing — and they were insanely good. We saw that and said, “We’re at a burger joint and that band is already better than most bands we’ve ever seen? This is gonna be fun.” It’s been amazing so far! The writers in this town are so inspiring and I think we all have learned so much for the seven months we’ve been here.

    NN: That’s amazing! There truly is so much talent here. When did you guys decide to make the big move to Music City?

    BB: Growing up in Louisiana, Nashville has always had this mystical/legendary vibe to it. It’s known as the place to go if you want to be a successful musician. There is so much history, inspiration and talent in this city; so as soon as we played our first show here, we knew that we eventually wanted to make the move. Our manager, Jeff, moved here a couple of years ago, so he really showed us around and introduced us to tons of great people. Nashville’s got great music, great people and great food. What else can you ask for?

    NN: And now you’ve signed a deal with EDGEOUT UMG. What was it like signing that deal?

    BB: Where we come from in Louisiana, it’s not very often that a band/artist gets a record deal. We are super thankful for being able to have this experience. We’ve gotten to go out to LA and spend six weeks recording with Matt Wallace, play some really cool shows and make tons of memories that we will never forget.

    NN: Sounds like an amazing experience. You’ve also released some pretty great music so far including “Cliché Love” which is my personal favorite. What’s the story behind the track?

    BB: It’s basically the idea of searching for this crazy Hollywood, theatrical, cheesy, over-the-top kinda love. I wrote it directly after I had gone through a breakup and was like, “I’m tired of this breakup stuff.” At that moment I just wanted that super cliché style love like you see in The Notebook‘s kissing in the rain scene or when Jack holds Rose on the bow of The Titanic.

    I tried to write a bunch of songs called “Cliché Love” and most of them weren’t great and then this version came about and we all said, “Yup.. that’s the one.”

    NN: When you were deciding on your 2021 releases, was this one a no-brainer?

    BB: We knew as soon as we finished “Cliché Love” that it was going to be one of the first songs back. It’s got everything we love from huge drums to nasty guitar parts, to catchy melodies/honest lyrics. It just felt like it was the backbone of our sound for this era of our band and that it was the appropriate one to come out of the gate with.

    NN: Definitely a great choice but there’s a lot more music to come. Can you give us any hint about the music we can expect in the (hopefully near) future?

    BB: So much music! We’ve got 10 songs completely finished and we [just released the newest] single on June 11. In my opinion, this next one (“Little Things”) is the most fun/happy song we have written, so we are absolutely stoked to get it out in the world. It’s a summer song and I really think it will connect with a lot of people.

    Stay tuned for more from The Revelries and, if you’re in Nashville, they’re playing at the High Watt on July 22. Get your tickets here.

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