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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Country Trio Restless Road

    "We hope to bring light, laughter and positivity for everyone."

    You may know two members of Restless Road from their time on X Factor but they’ve come a long way since 2013. Now, the trio (Zach Beeken, Colton Pack and Garrett Nichols) have their debut EP out, a collaboration with Kane Brown and a record deal on his label.

    We had a few minutes to (virtually) get to know the guys behind the music.

    Nashville Noise: I know about X Factor but how did you guys decide to come together and form a band?
    Zach Beeken:
    During our senior year of high school, Colton and I auditioned for X Factor. After several auditions, Simon Cowell helped us form our band Restless Road. We finished the competition in 4th place. After years of writing music, we felt like there was a piece missing so we searched every corner of the internet for a new member and stumbled across some incredible videos Garrett had posted. We felt like he was the perfect fit and asked him to join the band! Luckily he said yes and we have been making music together ever since!

    NN: How did you know you fit as a trio?
    Garrett Nichols: I knew immediately that we fit because we all had an appreciation and love for country music. When we first started singing together, the harmonies that we were able to create together were really powerful and I feel that we meshed together on a personal level as well.

    NN: Now you’ve signed to Kane Brown’s label and have a collaboration with him. How did you guys form a relationship?
    Colton Pack: Zach and I met Kane in 2013 when we were all contestants on X Factor. We stayed in touch after the show. It was super cool to watch Kane blow up into the superstar he is and to have him think of us for this amazing opportunity was unbelievable.

    NN: What was it like getting the news that he wanted to sign you?
    ZB: After 6 years of ups and downs in the band it felt like the biggest blessing in the world. I remember thinking that it felt like fate or destiny to not only be signed by one of country music’s biggest stars but a friend who shared the same big dreams we did all those years ago.

    NN: Your song “Take Me Home” includes him and is so beautiful. How did you decide to record that?
    GN: “Take Me Home” had been pitched to Kane a few years ago and he really loved the song. When we started working together, he showed it to us because he thought it would really shine with our vocal harmonies on top of it! Also, John Denver and the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” has made a big impact on us growing up. So once we heard it, we knew we had to record it.

    NN: How did you decide to add Kane to the song?
    CP: We knew Kane loved the song just as much as we did and thought this was the perfect song for us to collaborate on. What better way for us to make our debut than to have a song with Kane who we had known for so long and were now working with.

    NN: You also released your self-titled EP this year, which includes that song. How would you describe the EP?
    GN: I think the EP is a product of everything we’ve been wanting to say for the last few years. I think it’s got a little something for everyone. Whether you want a fun car jam like “One Step Ahead” or something raw and honest like “It Ain’t Easy,” I think the EP can speak to anyone who is listening.

    NN: How’s the fan response been so far?
    CP: The response has been amazing. I remember the first night on tour when we sang “Take Me Home” the whole arena was singing along. We were just blown away and the response on social media has just been unbelievable.

    NN: Obviously things are completely upside down right now. Despite it all, what else can we expect from Restless Road this year?
    ZB: We know times have been challenging and confusing for many people. Whether it’s a song we write, a livestream we perform or a silly video we post we hope to bring light, laughter and positivity for everyone.

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