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    Record Store Day 2019: Nashville Noise’s Top Vinyl Picks

    Record Store Day 2019 happens April 13 at record stores. This year, Pearl Jam are the Record Store Day ambassadors.

    Nashville Noise sifted through release news and the complete Record Store Day website to narrow down a few of our top picks. Scroll through the list below to see which releases you shouldn’t miss.

    Violent Femmes — Hallowed Ground

    Hallowed Ground is the follow-up to the Violent Femmes’ self-titled debut. This record pushed the band in new directions and included “Country Death Song,” “Sweet Misery Blues” and “Jesus Walking on the Water.” The RSD-exclusive is a dark green vinyl edition and is limited and numbered to 2,000 copies.

    Kip Moore — Room to Spare

    Kip Moore will release his first Record Store Day vinyl this year. The collection will include the seven tracks from the acoustic EP and five additional tracks from his previous albums. “Plead the Fifth,” “Last Shot,” “The Bull” and “Guitar Man” will also be on the RSD vinyl. Find out more about the original album here.

    Bob Dylan — Blood on the Tracks: Original New York Test Pressing

    Before Bob Dylan released this record, a small number of test pressings were circulated. They consist entirely of material from sessions at A&R Recording Studios in New York City.

    The Flaming Lips — King’s Mouth

    The Flaming Lips are doing something really special during Record Store Day 2019. They’ll exclusively release King’s Mouth as a 12-inch colored vinyl. The release is limited to 4,000 copies.

    Soccer Mommy — For Young Hearts

    This is the EP that started it all for Soccer Mommy and it all started on just 300 cassettes. The RSD release will come on green smoke vinyl in a gatefold matte jacket with lyrics and a custom Soccer Mommy 24″ x 36″ poster.

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony — E. 1999 Eternal

    This is the bestselling album from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony but this marks the very first time the record will be on vinyl. There are only 2,000 of these vinyls.


    Weezer is releasing their covers album, The Teal Album, on RSD but that’s not all! They’re also releasing Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets on vinyl but that release is limited to 4,000. Find out more about their covers album here.

    Broken Social Scene — Let’s Try the After

    Broken Social Scene is releasing 2,500 copies of Let’s Try the After. This exclusive includes new artwork. It’s the follow-up to their 2017 album.

    The Doors — London Fog

    Before The Doors became huge rockstars, they were the house band at the London Fog. This is a must have for any huge fans of the band.

    Sigur Ros — Variations in Darkness

    This record is a soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company. This is a RSD exclusive but it’s limited to 2,000 copies.

    Billy Joel — Live at Carnegie Hall 1977

    In 1977, Billy Joel and his band wrapped his tour at Carnegie Hall. It was an incredible set with a live orchestra. For the first ever, this historic show is available on vinyl.

    Jack White

    For RSD 2019, Jack White is releasing a series of 3″ vinyl singles from his different projects. That includes his solo song, “Love Interruption,” as well as The Raconteurs, The White Stripes and The Dead Weather. There are only 2,000 available.

    Janis Joplin — Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 

    1969 in itself was a huge year for Janis Joplin and so was this performance at Woodstock. This album is available on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Day 2019.