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    Re Mattei’s ‘Feels Like it’s Gonna Rain’ is the Prescription for your Breakup

    “Music is my medicine. I hope my music can be your medicine.”

    Breakups are the worst. Sometimes the worst part is when you know the relationship is done but you don’t know how to end it. It feels like no one understands but songwriter, composer and instrumentalist, Re Mattei, is here to let you know she’s been there too.

    “When I sing a song I hope that people know that if I can live through it and make it they can too.”

    In her new single, the living through she’s referring to in her new single is heartbreak. “Feels Like It’s Gonna Rain” connects with listeners on a deep, emotional level.

    “It’s one of those things where you’re in denial. You know something’s not quite right,” she says. “You know it’s not quite working out but you’re still holding on. You’re just waiting for that person to say I’m sorry it’s not working out.”

    While Mattei writes a lot of her own music, she didn’t write this song. She did fall in love with it and, when she did, she had no idea Carrie Underwood co-wrote it. The country superstar wrote it with Don Poythruss and Barry Dean.

    “I would listen to the song every day and just cry,” she says of the moment she knew she had to record it. “I’ve been through some tough times in my life and when I go through those times, even those breakups, I would always put on my headphones and listen to a sad song.”

    Whether you’re going through a breakup, empowering yourself or chasing your dreams, Mattei hopes her music can bring you hope, make you smile or encourage you.

    “That’s what music has always done for me and that’s what I want people to get out of my music. I want to have words that are encouraging because I think we’re in a time where there’s a lot of negativity, but there is a lot of positive stuff out there,” she says.

    Providing encouragement is something Mattei was lucky enough to receive early on from her parents. They supported her music dreams and introduced her to traditional country music like Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton.

    “Those country artists are the ones that paved the way for everything and everyone that’s come along since then,” Mattei acknowledges.

    When she started singing those songs acapella at the dinner table for her parents, they encouraged her to learn an instrument. That’s when she fell in love with guitar. Eventually, she left home for Berklee School of Music.

    “When I went there, my life changed,” she says. “It was okay if I wore shoes that were different than other people’s. Nobody cared how you looked. It opened up doors for me and I had a whole new confidence.”

    This was the confidence that brought her to Nashville to follow her dreams. Upon coming to Nashville, she started to perform with the all-female, Top 40 band, Uptown Girls. With them, she fine-tuned her guitar skills.

    “I was the only guitar player in the band which was really great for me. If there was a guitar solo in one of the songs I had to learn it.”

    Now that she’s been living in Music City, she’s performed a lot of music and touched many lives. She’s performed for the troops and hope’s to continue that. She’s also had the opportunity to help a homeless man get through winter and a woman struggling with a mental illness at a crisis center.

    Mattei wants to continue helping people by one day pairing her music with causes that are important to her. Her motto is: “Music is my medicine. I hope my music can be your medicine.”

    If more music is what you’re looking for keep an eye out for her upcoming album, Believin’ Is Seein’. She says we can expect more uplifting and empowering songs from that record.

    “You’ll hear all the different parts of me and all the different types of music I love,” she explains. That includes traditional country, pop country, jazz, and rock. “My voice has a smoothness and deepness to it but, sometimes, especially when I sing certain songs it can be a little rough around the edges.”

    We love Mattei warm on the inside and rough around the edges and we think you might too. Download her song, “Feels Like It’s Gonna Rain” by clicking on the album art below and stay tuned for more news about her upcoming release.