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Randy Houser Announces ‘Magnolia’ Film Inspired by Album

Randy Houser is releasing a movie. The country singer is releasing Magnolia, a film inspired by the album of the same name, on Aug. 20.

Magnolia is both a visual representation of the music and a film based on the themes in the album. It sticks to the blue-collar themes by following Noah, an oil pipeline worker returning home to the Gulf Coast. When he gets there he’ll have to face his past and also figure out what he wants for his future.

Magnolia tells my story but also tells the story of running away from something while not knowing exactly what you’re running to,” Houser explains. “As I got into the groove of creating this album, the story became so vivid in my mind that I realized it had to live through more than just a body of music and become a film. That’s exactly what we created… a film about running towards your truth.”

Magnolia was directed by Justin Nolan Key. He’s worked on music videos and documentaries and worked with Taylor Swift and Maren Morris. They shot it in Houser’s home state of Mississippi, which gives the perfect background to film.

Be on the lookout for Houser in the movie. He plays a bartender/singer at the local bar. He performs several live acoustic versions of songs from the album including, “No Stone Unturned.”

Watch the trailer for Magnolia below and pre-order the film here.

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