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    Randy Goodman on Nashville: ‘It’s a Broader Musical Home’

    Sony Music Nashville Chairman and CEO, Randy Goodman, took a few minutes to chat with Nashville Noise on Tuesday night (May 7). He opened up to us about why Nashville is an “it” city right now.

    Goodman was on hand during Music Biz 2019 and he spoke with us before their awards & ceremony dinner. He also received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Executive Achievement and he’s in good company. Dick Clark, Clive Davis, Casey Kasem and Scott Borchetta were previous recipients.

    Goodman actually had an important role in bringing this conference to Nashville — an “it” city. He says there are several reasons Music City is all the rage right now.

    “I think with Nashville now, it’s a broader musical home than it used to be. It used to be primarily about country music. It’s home to a very strong, contemporary Christian and gospel music scene,” he explained. “Also [a lot of acts have moved here], whether they are people that have decided to come and live here because of just the ease of living, as compared to a New York or Los Angeles.”

    “Kings of Leon and Kesha [are] from here and Sheryl Crow moving here, and just on-and-on-and-on with artists that have made this their home because it’s an easy place to live… It’s a much easier place to live and I think people feel safe and comfortable here. It’s really been amazing to see it all happen.”

    We couldn’t agree more.