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Random Acts of Kindness Day: How to Spread Kindness in Nashville

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Nashville Noise is vowing to spread kindness through a few random acts today and we want to encourage you to do the same. Here’s how you can spread kindness through small, but effective, acts right here in Nashville.

5 Ways to Be Kind:

Buy a Stranger’s Coffee.

Heading to get a latte today? If so, pay for the Cup of Joe of a stranger nearby. Whether they’re behind you in the drive-thru or behind you in Froth Monkey (we love the 12th Ave South), this small act will mean a lot. If you’re feeling extra generous (and have the means to do so), pay for someone’s meal when you go out for lunch.


Pay Someone a Compliment.

This is an easy one to try and do every day, if possible. If you see something you like about someone, tell them. Like that woman’s haircut? Tell her. Like that man’s shoes? Let him know. Appreciate the smile of your cashier? Fill them in. Try to pay as many (genuine) compliments as possible today.


Love on an Adoptable Pet.

In Nashville, we are so fortunate to have some amazing shelters and rescue organizations. Go to Nashville Humane and take an adoptable dog for a walk in their yard. They also have puppies and kittens that would probably appreciate a cuddle! While you’re there, go the extra mile and become a volunteer.

Maybe you have an allergy or don’t have a lunch break to get away. If that’s you, donate or send Proverbs 12:10 something on their Amazon wish list.


Send a postcard.

Go grab a postcard (or four) and send them to a friend you haven’t talked to lately. Send your mom one to put a smile on her face. Mail your college roommate a postcard with an old inside joke. This act of kindness is so small but it really means a lot.


Send Flowers.

The National Day Calendar inspired this idea of sending flowers to a hospital or assisted living facility. They suggest calling a “florist and tell them to pick a hospital or nursing home and deliver flowers to the person the front desk thinks needs it the most.” You can do the same thing at an assisted living home.


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