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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Local Band Radio Romance

    "[Our name] defines the modern throwback sound we strive to create."

    Nashville Noise recently sat down with local country group, Radio Romance. The band won the 2017 NASH Next competition and just released their debut single, “Weekend.”

    Radio Romance is Sam Hayes (lead vocals), Josh Gramling (guitar), Adam Smithwick (bass) and Moises Padilla (drums). As a band they really started cutting their teeth right here in Nashville at Legend’s Corner. Their biggest break came when they took home the prize for the 2017 NASH Next competition. Now, the band has released their debut on Nash Next Records under the Big Machine Label Group umbrella.

    We got to know the guys behind the music.

    Nashville Noise: First of all, where did you guys get your name?
    JG: We got our band name from an Eddie Rabit album titled Radio Romance that we saw hanging on the wall at Legends Corner in Nashville after playing the late shift. We later found out that in the Country Music Hall of Fame the 80s era of country music is titled Radio Romance. An era where country started becoming mainstream by adding the influence of other genres in the writing and production. We thought it was a great fit for who we are as a band and defines the modern throwback sound we strive to create.

    You entered the NASH Next Competition last year and ended up winning. What do you think it was about the performance that earned you the title?
    JG: Going into the finale, we knew we wanted to play a song that showcased Sam’s vocals and our overall harmonies. Something that would grab the audience’s attention. “Weekend” was that song and since we had written it a few years back, it has become a fan favorite and a standout moment in our live show. It’s our closing song every night out on the road so it was cool that it is not only our debut single but also the song that won us the competition.

    Describe your feelings when you found you’d actually won.
    AS: Winning Nash Next was a surreal experience. It was one of those moments that you see all of your hard work coming together. It was truly a dream come true.

    Just you released debut, “Weekend.” How did you know that was THE one?
    AS: “Weekend” is a special song for us since it was the song that won us the NASH Next title so it is really cool that we got to release it as our introduction on country radio.

    You already achieved your goal of releasing your debut. What are your other goals for this year?
    JG: We’re always working on new music and have already started finalizing our fall tour schedule, so we’re excited about that! Our goal is to reach as many people as we can with our music and hopefully make some new friends and fans along the way.

    Lastly, how would you describe your *perfect* weekend?
    JG: We’re thankful we get to live the perfect weekend when we get to play our music on the road, meet new people and hopefully make an impact in some way! On a rare weekend off, our down time is usually spent having a few beers, listening to music, hanging with friends and spending time on the lake or river!

    Check out the band’s tour schedule here and download “Weekend” by clicking on the album art below.