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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Country Singer-Songwriter Queeva

    Age is probably the first thing you’ll notice about new artist Queeva, but don’t judge her based on the fact that she’s 15. Pay attention to her songwriting, something she does well beyond her years. Pay attention to her impressive vocal abilities, something she’s been practicing for over half her life. Notice that she’s the perfect blend of humble and confident and that she’s not afraid of working hard to achieve her goals.

    Despite all of these things, it’s still a struggle to be taken seriously at her young age.

    “Not everyone takes you seriously,” she explains. “They think, ‘Oh you’re just doing this as a hobby.’ But I really want this as my career, I really want to work hard at my dream.”

    She’s not letting that struggle get in her way at all. She’s even finding ways to use it to her advantage.

    “I think I can relate to a younger audience and help kids my age, especially. That is one of my favorite things about being a young artist.

    Queeva has an interesting story. Her fame originated in Ireland and her grandmother was a famous Sean-nós singer (an acapella style of traditional Irish singing). Musical talent runs in her blood and it’s still a celebrated family activity when they’re together in Ireland.

    Currently, the up-and-coming singer lives in Chicago with her family. She lives a normal life and is a sophomore in high school. She tried to keep her career quiet while there but eventually, when a classmate discovered an article about her in a magazine, her secret was out.

    “By the end of the day, everyone knew who I was,” she says with a laugh. “I’d walk the halls and people were staring at me like I was an alien or something.”

    Queeva is able to manage school and music with help from her teachers who allow her to get her work done around her traveling schedule. Having flexibility also helps to keep her creativity fresh for her songwriting.

    “Sometimes I might have more ideas for a song, sometimes there’s a title I want to go off, [sometimes] it’s totally random. I wish I could go in order but I skip around and do whatever I am feeling.”

    That out of the box style is working for Queeva, who released her debut album earlier this summer. She had the privilege of working alongside Jamie O’Neal on the record. Together, they co-wrote every song and O’Neal is even credited as a producer on the album.

    “She basically taught me everything I know about songwriting,” Queeva says of O’Neal. “We started out writing together when I was about nine.”

    Six years later, Queeva has matured as a songwriter and her debut, How Do You Know, proves that. On the album, you’ll notice a theme of empowerment and a sense of wisdom well beyond her years. That’s creatively woven into her lyrics. Although it was hard to find a favorite on the record, the title track’s melodies and mysterious lyrics make it a standout. “You’re Still Here” is another. It’s a song written as a tribute to her aunt who passed away years ago. It was re-recorded and put on this album after the passing of her grandmother.

    “Even though they have passed away, they are still with you.”

    Check out those songs and the other seven on Queeva’s debut. Download it by clicking on the artwork below. Want more? Give her Facebook page a like.