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Quarantined Matt Stell Tries to Solve Dust Mystery at Home

If you’re looking for some funny news amidst all of the heavy Coronavirus news, we’ve got the perfect story for you.

Country singer Matt Stell just sent a video while he’s stuck at home. Not surprisingly, this is the most time the “Everywhere But On” singer has spent at his house and he’s really just trying to figure out one thing.

He’s not sure where dust comes from (to be honest, we weren’t sure either).

“Since I’ve been home, I’ve chiefly been trying to solve a mystery,” he tells “I don’t know where dust comes from. I’ve never spent this many days home, and I’m just hanging out around my house, and it’s just dusty. I don’t know what it’s made of.”

To aid him in solving his mystery, he went straight to the people’s Encyclopedia.

“I went on Wikipedia and it’s like pollen and skin cells and meteorite debris… People must live here when I’m not here.”

Listen to his hilarious comments below.

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