Exclusive Premiere: Nicole Boggs & The Reel’s ‘Money’ Video


Nashville-based rock/Americana band, Nicole Boggs & the Reel, are starting a 70s rock revival with their new song. “Money” is the band’s new track and it includes robust harmonies and impressive guitar riffs. We’re excited to have the exclusive premiere of the visual for the new song.

“Money” is a satirical jab at materialism in the modern world but, instead of trying to convince listeners of their own viewpoints, they allow them to form their own conclusion. This adds to the fun nature of the track.

They bring that enjoyment through in the visual for “Money,” which was inspired by the “stoner circle” from That ’70s Show. The video was filmed in the band’s shared house which they filled with patterns and 70s decor. You’ll see sequins, Monopoly, a lime green jello mold and a fire-eating guitar player. (If that’s not enough to get you to watch, check your pulse.)

“Money” was directed by Art Director/Photographer and Nashville Native, Jenna Winstead, and filmed by Heather and Mike Liebensohn of ZenMantis. They kept the creativity alive by using duct tape, an iPhone, a ceiling fan and even live panning in the circle.

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