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Exclusive Song Premiere: Matt Jordan’s ‘American Girl’

We’re a big fan of Matt Jordan after premiering the acoustic video for his single “Outskirts of Grace” earlier this year. Jordan is gearing up to celebrate the release of a very timely new single entitled, “American Girl,” set for digital release Friday (July 3). With Grammy-Award winning producer Sal Oliveri once again behind the wheel, Jordan’s latest single is perfect for those 4th of July playlists.

Co-written with Kenny Johnson, “American Girl” leans a little more country than the rest of his catalog, but we don’t mind it one bit. His signature gritty vocals shine through on the first song he has written for his now-wife. 

Jordan explains: “I actually wrote ‘American Girl’ back in 2013. It was the first song I ever wrote for my then-girlfriend, now wife. When I write love songs, they tend to come out super cheesy… but when I came up with the idea for ‘American Girl,’ I felt like I could do something with it without crossing that line. I wrote most of the first verse and chorus and then ran out of ideas, so I just started writing down things I loved about Jenna — her faith, her strength and her heart. It was difficult to come up with any more parallels to America so I took it to my cowriter, Kenny Johnson, and he and I finished up the rest. He was really instrumental in the second verse lyric and the melody. We reworked some stuff in the chorus too that made it a bit more impactful.”

Listen to the premiere of “American Girl” below and stay tuned for more from the immensely talented Jordan.