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    Exclusive Premiere: Nashville Pop Artist Emmy Law’s ‘I Don’t Want It’

    Indie pop artist Emmy Law has a brand new single and Nashville Noise is thrilled to exclusively premiere it.

    “I Don’t Want It” is her new track and it is dreamy! The track evokes emotions we’ve all felt before. It’s that moment when you realize a relationship is ultimately over. The moment when you know it has to end. It makes us feel somehow both disappointed and yet hopeful for the future. “I Don’t Want It” is one you’ll want to play and repeat – to hear those vocals and synths over and over again.

    “I was playing piano and writing one night,” Law says. “In my head, I saw two people who had been together for a long time and, for one of them, it wasn’t how she envisioned it turning out. She is stepping in a new direction moving forward, standing up for herself. It’s about finding a hopeful future in a tough situation.”

    This song actually started out as a piano ballad that evolved beautifully with the help of producer Shane Becker. They created the song together – virtually!

    “I sent Shane a demo, and he used the demo in some creative ways with my vocals. He chopped them up and made some samples with them. I just love it.”

    We love it, too.

    “I Don’t Want It” drops everywhere on Jan. 7. Check out the new track below and pre-save it here.