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    Blue Chair Bay Releases New Flavor, Pineapple Rum Cream

    Our favorite rum, Blue Chair Bay, has released a tasty new flavor. Kenny Chesney‘s rum now comes in pineapple rum cream.

    The new flavor of rum is, of course, perfect for summer and a trip to the beach (or pool). Blue Chair says it has “a delightful burst of pineapple with a next-level coconut hind at the end.” If you’re thinking it’s perfect for a pina colada, you’re right.

    With the big announcement of the new rum flavor, they shared a recipe for the ultimate pina colada. It’s a simple recipe that calls for this new rum, their classic coconut rum and pineapple juice. Add ice, put it in a blender and enjoy!

    Blue Chair Bay have several other cocktails to create with pineapple rum cream. You can make The Classic, a Hawaii Vice or a Pineapple Slice. The Honey Pineapple Fizz sounds the most unique with the rum, honey syrup, club soda and a pinch of black pepper! We’ll definitely be trying this one out (stay tuned for that).

    The pineapple rum cream isn’t available everywhere yet but you can go to the Blue Chair Bay location map to see the closest location that carries it. All of the recipes for their various rums are also located on their official website.


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