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    Photos: MisterWives Kick Off 2023 Tour in Nashville

    MisterWives kicked off their 2023 tour right here in Nashville with Bishop Briggs and Raffaella. The energy and excitement in the room were palpable, making the show a memorable one at Brooklyn Bowl.

    Raffaella started things off on a high note with a ton of energy. She set the tone for a fun-filled night. If you haven’t checked her music out yet, give her a follow on Spotify here.

    Briggs was next on the bill and she kept that high energy going. All of the incredible artists that took the stage were so gracious and Briggs was no different. We even got to hear her cover of “Take Me to Church,” a song she covered on The Masked Singer.

    Maric Salocker

    “You guys are the best,” she exclaimed onstage. “I’m going to replay this moment in my mind over and over because it makes me so happy.”

    Maric Salocker

    The feeling was mutual but the good vibes and good music didn’t stop there. MisterWives enthusiastically took the stage, ready for The Don’t Look Down Tour to begin. “There’s no greater joy than singing as one,” they said during the show. The energy started at 100 and stayed there for the duration of their set.

    We’ll leave you with this quote from MisterWives: “Nashville, I hope one takeaway that you have is no matter how messy life can be, don’t forget how resilient we are.”

    Enjoy these photos from the show and check out dates for this 2023 tour here.

    All images taken by Maric Salocker


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