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    Parmalee’s ‘Party Pack’ Drops Just in Time for Your Summer Parties

    Summer is right around the corner and Parmalee want to join in your summer parties. On April 20, the band is releasing Party Pack, a six-pack of party jams.

    Party Pack includes the band’s newest single, “Hotdamalama,” and five other songs sure to get your party started. The new song kicks off the album and is set to hit radio airwaves just a few days after the album drops, on April 23. The pack includes familiar tracks like “Musta Had a Good Time” but also includes two brand new tracks. Party Pack’s new songs showcase the band’s country sound with a hint of rock ‘n roll and they were all co-written by lead singer, Matt Thomas. If you’re a Parmalee fan, you’ll dig this party pack.  

    “We love bringing people together for a good time and we hope they’ll smile, sing along, and raise one up,” Thomas explains. “That’s what this Party Pack is all about.

    As we mentioned, Thomas co-wrote all six of the album’s songs but there are a few other familiar names. Craig Wiseman, David Fanning and Tully Kennedy also have songwriting credits on the Party Pack.

    Stay tuned for more news on Parmalee and head to their website for tour dates.

    Party Pack Track Listing:

    1. “Hotdamalama”
    2. “Day Drinkin'”
    3. “Musta Had A Good Time”
    4. “Mimosas”
    5. “Last Night”
    6. “These Are The Good Days”