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    Review: PaMu Wireless Earbuds are Great for Summer Use

    For the last few weeks, we put a pair of PaMu wireless earbuds to the test. They claim to be water-resistant and to never fall out. Here’s what we honestly think of them.

    Before we received our order, PaMu created an Indiegogo campaign to create their earbuds. The campaign hoped to raise $10,000 but they raised over $930,000! In the campaign details, they claim that the headphones are waterproof with hi-fi sound, touch control and that they never fall out. Those are big claims so almost 19,000 people were happy to chip in.

    The campaign has now closed and the earbuds are now on pre-order through their own website. On their new website, the earbuds no longer claim to be waterproof but instead “water-resistant.” They’re available in black and white and cost $79. They offer free shipping worldwide with a 30-day return and exchange guarantee. When you purchase them, you get the wireless earbuds in a portable charging case, ear tips with various size options, a USB charging cable and the instructions.

    For that price… are these too good to be true? We found out and tested them at the pool, gym and just at work for wireless usage.

    First of all, let’s discuss the sound. We’ve definitely used headphones with better sound but they cost a lot more. The bass on these earbuds is actually pretty impressive for the size and definitely for the price. As promised, these auto-connect through Bluetooth. It was super easy to get the new earbuds paired to our phones or computers. We had no connectivity issues at all.

    The touch control works most of the time. We did have a few issues with the touch control when using it over the weeks but they were minimal and easy to overlook. Again, this price is great for that minute problem. These also claim to be waterproof and/or water-resistant. Did we submerge them in water? No. Did we use them while sweating at the gym? Yes. We also tested them out while getting a little wet at the pool. This didn’t affect the sound at all. We can say they were water-resistant in these scenarios.

    Lastly, they claim to never fall out and to keep charge for 3.5 hours of playing time. We use Apple earbuds most of the time and they never seem to stay in. They don’t fit properly and they’re very uncomfortable. The most impressive part of the PaMu wireless earbuds is they do seem to stay in. The ear tips come in different sizes but the size that came with them worked best for us. They stayed in while doing cardio at the gym with zero problems. That’s a big plus. Although we love that about the earbuds, we did notice they don’t hold charge like they claim. They need to be charged a lot more frequently than the website says. This is our biggest complaint with these earbuds. After one day of an hour’s use, they were dead by the time we went to the gym the following day. We definitely recommend charging them often if you decide this pair is right for you.

    Overall, we give these PaMu wireless earbuds a good rating. If we were to give it a numerical rating out of 5, we’d give them a 3.5. They’re a great pair for the price. The fact that they actually stay in is so hard to find that we’re really impressed with that. We think they’re a great pair of summer headphones for lounging by the pool, playing at the lake or sweating at the gym.


    PaMu sent us a pair of headphones in exchange for an honest review. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below. Order your own pair here.

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