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    Review: PaMu Slide Earbuds Really are ‘Born for Music’

    PaMu has once again upped their earbud game and we tested the new pair. We’ve been putting the PaMu Slide to the test this summer!

    The PaMu Slide comes approximately nine months after their PaMu Scroll (a smaller, lighter pair). This new version, similar to the last, promises to not fall out and to be comfortable enough for all-day wear. They’re also supposed to have better Bluetooth capability, better sound and bass, auto pairing and so much more.

    But can they really do all that?

    To truly test these green earbuds, we brought them to the gym, wore them around for hours, tested them on road trips and more!

    Let’s start with the sound. As promised, the sound and bass are even better than before. The bass is perfect without completely rattling your ear. It’s an impressive feat. They automatically pair and we never once had an issue with that or connectivity.

    Are they really comfortable enough to be worn all day though? No, but they’re pretty comfortable for an earbud. They’re snug enough to fit in without falling out and they block out excess background noise. The PaMu Slide battery life didn’t seem to change much in this new pair but they did seem to charge fast.

    Overall, the PaMu Slide is another impressive earbud for a really great price. We definitely can recommend them if you’re looking for a good, sweat-proof, great sounding earbud that actually stays in!

    You can grab your own pair through their Indiegogo campaign (which has already raised more than $3 million). Don’t trust us on their capabilities? Hear from NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie in the video below.