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    Review: PaMu Slide Earbuds Get Smaller, Lighter with Mini Version

    PaMu has taken their popular PaMu Slide earbud and made them even better! Less than a year after we reviewed the PaMu Slide, they’re back with an even better pair of earbuds.

    Their new PaMu Slide Mini is lighter and smaller than ever before. It also now has touch control, comfort, auto-pairing, 30-hour playtime, a stable signal and fast charging.

    So does the new PaMu Slide Mini really manage to do all that? We tested them out to bring you all these answers.

    These earbuds still maintain their impressive sound, the reason we’ve supported them for years. The sound quality and bass are impressive especially now given the size. Like the last pair, they automatically connect and we have yet to have a connectivity issue while using the PaMu Slide Mini.

    These earbuds are described as having “all-day comfort.” As we’ve said before, we don’t think that exists in any earbud (yet) and we can’t say we’d want to wear these all day. They are comfortable for an earbud and they have various fits depending on your ear size. They do, however, charge very quickly, have great battery life and now have a noise-canceling dual-mic.

    Overall, the Pamu Slide Mini is our favorite pair from the company. They’re 50% off right now and the size alone makes them perfect for going to the gym or even traveling.

    Grab them now right here while they’re half off!