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    Review: Padmate Elevates Their Earbud Game with PaMu Scroll

    We’re dedicated to reviewing earbuds for our readers and, now, we’ve been testing PaMu Scroll. These are the newest earbuds from Padmate.

    PaMu Scroll is the newest earbud from the company that also brought us the waterproof, wireless earbuds we tested this summer. The Scroll has all the capabilities of the original and then some. These new earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0, lighter than their original pair, more chic looking, full of bass and can even be wirelessly charged!

    So what do we honestly think of this new set?

    As we did with the last pair, we really put these to the test. Pool season may be over but we sweated with them at the gym, did cardio to test their snugness and used them around the house and while traveling.

    The sound on PaMu Scroll is infinitely better than the first pair — and the bass sounds amazing! These are really impressive. Currently, they’re asking $39 for the super early bird special at their Indiegogo campaign (which is such a good price, especially for the sound quality)! These automatically connect to Bluetooth and we had zero connectivity issues while using them.

    This time around, the touch control works so much better! The call audio works in both ears and had no problems with the touch control. PaMu Scroll also has a very snug fit so they don’t fall out! They come with a variety of ear tips so you can find the one that fits your ear the best. These are more difficult to get in just the right spot in your ear but, once you do, you’ll have no problems keeping them in while doing cardio. The battery life on these earbuds is much better than their first pair and they come with a wireless charging adapter! That can charge these earbuds wirelessly but will also upgrade old MicroUSB devices to wirelessly charge. This is a really cool added bonus.

    Overall, we’d give these PaMu Scroll earbuds a great rating. If we were to give them a numerical rating out of 5, we’d give them a 4. They’re a great pair, especially for the price.


    PaMu sent us a pair of headphones in exchange for an honest review. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below. Order your own pair here.


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