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Nashville Noise Gets to Know Pop Singer Pagentri

Rachel Tripp, who goes by Pagentri when she’s performing, just released a new single under her alias. “Consumed” is her brand new song and we got to know Pagentri and hear the story behind the song.

Nashville Noise: I always love hearing the story behind stage names. When did you decide to go by Pagentri?

Pagentri: “I’ve been performing and releasing music my entire life with different projects and when I moved to Nashville I wanted a project that I could solely control. All my past projects were songs by other songwriters and the topics and genres were what producers and managers were trying to fit me in. This new music was going to be raw, authentic, a bit explicit and most importantly mine… so it needed an alias and to be separate from my past. When I released my first EP, that I had total control over in 2017, I decided Pagentri needed to be the alias for this next chapter of music.”

NN: Where’d the name come from?

“I had a brief hiatus in the pageant world and competed for Miss South Carolina many years ago and when people would look at me they would always assume I was a pretty, Southern Belle with nothing deeper than a pretty smile…a lot of people assume that about pageant girls. That’s not the case for me. Pagentri represents so many beautiful layers of emotions and authenticity and I share that with my music. A pretty smile at first look but through the speakers, it’s so much more that will really surprise you.”

NN: I love that! Who do you consider your biggest musical influences?

“Alicia Keys. Her book, More Myself, is one that all artists need to read. It explains the power of vulnerability in your art. When you are vulnerable it is so beautiful and powerful…not weak!”

NN: So true! Speaking of being powerful, you just released a powerful new single, “Consumed.” What was the inspiration for the song?

“We base so many of our views on what we see on social media and TV. It’s sickening when you think how much media controls our everyday life. 2020 really showed that and inspired ‘Consumed.’ I’m surrounded by so many people who are constantly looking for validation from how many followers and likes they have and it’s so disappointing for my generation and the generations to come. People think they have to fit a specific cookie-cutter mold or have views similar to those around them. It’s time we wake up and realize beauty can’t be defined and the only validation you need is your own. I hope this song sends a powerful message that we are all crying out for. It’s time the world wakes up.”

NN: How do you keep yourself from being “consumed”?

“Self-reflection can be a very powerful thing. This past year really taught us to slow down and I definitely reflected and grew as a person. I realized what was important to me, I realized what I wanted my own opinions to be and stopped caring about other opinions. It can be so freeing when you realize how empowering finding your own identity can be.”

NN: Any advice for other creatives who get bogged down by these things?

“Alone time is the best time! When I say alone, I mean no TV, no iPhone. Truly alone with your thoughts. We are easily influenced so it’s important to be aware of who you really are and be confident in your own opinions.”

NN: What’s your one hope for this track?

“I want to touch people and help others that are struggling with acceptance. That’s my goal with anything I do in life, especially music. This track was very freeing for me and unlike any of my other releases and I hope it frees other people. We all make music to feel something and I want to share the same feelings with others.”

NN: I love that and I’m so excited to see more from you. What else can we expect from Pagentri this year?

“More music! I’ve been working and writing with my dear friend, artist and producer who goes by the alias durlin for years and we’ve got so much music waiting to be realized. You can expect a lot more vulnerability and truth coming from Pagentri.”

Stay tuned for more from Pagentri and check out “Consumed” below.

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