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October 2023 New Music: All-Genre Playlist from Nashville Noise

Spooky season is here but we’re not scared because we have good music to keep the frightening at bay. Check out our full October 2023 new music playlist here!

“Sense of Reality” – Lindsay Hinkle

Alter your perception with this new single from Lindsay Hinkle! She explains, “I wrote this song about a crush I had on a co-worker. I had a photo I took of us and realized I was in love with someone, who I thought, was way out of my league. Turns out she wasn’t and that feeling was surreal – like no high I’d ever felt at the time. Playing this song for her launched what would be the beginning of my longest relationship to date.”

Any Track from Zach Seabaugh’s Mr. Nobody.

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Zach Seabaugh’s debut album dropped Oct. 6. While I love pretty much all of the 12 tracks, “Not How I Want To” is one of my favorite songs of the year.

Seabaugh says of the album, “Mr. Nobody is a collection of songs from the past two years. A little bit of love, heartbreak, ‘oh wells’, and searching for what is next. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, including both exciting and sad times, but that’s what this process has been like searching through my early twenties trying to find myself. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the people around me through this project and I hope these songs reach the people that need them most and can help them feel less alone.”

Listen to the full album here and then tweet me and let me know your favorite song from Mr. Nobody.

“Take Me to Church” – Allison Russell, Resistance Revival Chorus

This Hozier cover from Allison Russell and the Resistance Revival is a track from two Russell’s two new Spotify singles. The beautiful cover just has to be heard.

“Before We Step Inside” – Charlie Burg

This song came to life when Charlie Burg rediscovered it in a forgotten voice memo. He posted it to TikTok and the track took off. Burg has even inspired other artists to release their covers of the song on the social platform.

“’Before We Step Inside’ details the story of two individuals grappling with existential dread right before entering a party and then promptly dancing away their misery,” he explains. “The song is intended to juxtapose crippling despair with the euphoria of celebration.”

“Hello” – Bre Kennedy

Bre Kennedy’s song is upbeat and lively. It’s been my playing in my ears on repeat since I heard it for the first time! The song is from her upcoming album release, Scream Over Everything, which drops Nov. 10 via Nettwerk.

Kennedy says of the song, “I am someone who tends to grieve goodbyes before they even happen. This song is a celebration in throwing my hands up and surrendering to the unknown of letting go of stories, relationships, expectations, and reframing the growth that comes with it.” 

“At the end of ‘Hello,’ you can hear my dear friend Jake Wesley Rogers saying, ‘I think it’s time to say hello,’ and on my journey, where I am at right now, I ask the question: instead of running from goodbye – what if I said hello?” 

“Wrecking Ball” – Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus

Dolly Parton says, “When I heard ‘Wrecking Ball’ I almost wept in my car. When it started into the chorus it hit me like a wrecking ball! I thought how great can a song be and how great can Miley Cyrus be? I thought, I have to have that song on my rock album and I have to have Miley sing it with me! I love it and I hope you do.”

“Glimmer” – Flarelight

Nashville duo Flarelight have a great new song — with a huge collaboration. “Glimmer” includes Flarelight’s Tyler Warren and Rachel Brandsness along with Queen’s Brian May with an incredible guitar solo. The fact that the majority of Flarelight’s releases have been just the two of them makes this even more iconic.

“Many of our fans know that we do almost everything in house with Flarelight; from the writing to the recording, mixing and even artwork, it tends to be just Tyler and me, so now to be welcoming a collaboration with none other than Brian May himself just feels so surreal,” said Brandsness. “He has one of the most iconic guitar sounds in the history of rock music and to hear his playing on our song still makes me want to pinch myself. I don’t think anyone else could have come up with a more perfect part to elevate the song the way he did.”

Give the full playlist a listen (and a follow) below. We’ll update it weekly with new music through the end of 2023.