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Oak Ridge Boys Launch Suit Line to Bring Jobs to America

Country music legends, the Oak Ridge Boys, have launched their own suit line with a greater purpose. Their mission is to bring jobs to America.

The Oak Ridge Boys understand the importance of buying American made products. They’re taking a stand with a product of their own with The Liberty Legends USA program. They’ve joined forces to create a line of high-quality suits made in the USA. Fans (and fashion lovers) can grab one of the three styles of suits via a link at the band’s website.

“If you have ever been to The Oak Ridge Boys concert, you have heard the passion behind the group’s commitment to the spirit of America,” Robin Worley, the Co-Founder of the Liberty Legends USA brand, says. “As we searched for our next legend in this mission, it was easy to see these guys have the heart and commitment to take this mission of building awareness to a new level.”

“Liberty Legends USA is a non-political platform that encourages and celebrates jobs in America. It is a movement that is not limited to American only brands, but we choose to celebrate and highlight anyone who brings jobs and/or keeps good paying jobs in America. With the help of partners like The Oak Ridge Boys, our sponsors and the growing list of endorsers, we are seeing the movement take off.”

Along with Liberty Legends, the Oak Ridge Boys designed three high-quality suit styles. The “Chicago” suits are the more traditional cut and the “New York” suits and tuxedos are more trim. Currently, they’re running Christmas specials on the suits. They’re $100 off. Check out the styles, colors and prices here.

Aside from their suit collaboration, the Oak Ridge Boys are also on tour through Dec. 31. Although they don’t have any Nashville dates, they do have several shows in driving distance including Bowling Green and Knoxville. For more information on their shows, visit their website.