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    Nov. 20: What to Watch This Weekend

    Between movie theaters, VOD, Redbox, Netflix and the rest of the streaming platforms, a lot of content has dropped this week. I went through and found some of the best options you can watch this weekend.

    In Theaters

    Sound of Metal (Nov. 20)

    This release just hit theaters and, last month, I said it had “some of the best sound mixings we will get from any movie this year.” Go see what I mean in theaters as you watch the story of this drummer who loses his hearing. Read my full review here.


    The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again (Nov. 20)

    Per Netflix: “When Margaret’s Christmas coronation complicates her love life, her double Stacy steps in to save the day. But will a third look-alike ruin their plan?”

    Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (Nov. 22)

    Netflix describes this Dolly Parton movie as, “Seasonal cheer comes to a screeching halt when a cold-hearted woman tries to sell her hometown’s land. Can music, magic and memories change her mind?”

    Unhinged (Nov. 17)

    Russell Crowe stars in this mystery/thriller about a woman who comes into contact with him at an intersection. Following their meeting, she becomes the target of his unstable rage. Check out my full review here.

    The New Mutants (Nov. 17)

    In this horror/fantasy release that’s now in theaters, five young mutants are trying to understand their newly found superpowers. When they’re held in a secret place against their will, they must fight to escape and survive. Here’s my review.


    Embattled (Nov. 20)

    IFC’s description is: “Raised by an abusive father, Cash (Stephen Dorff) channels his aggression to become a World Champion MMA fighter. Now accustomed to wealth, adulation, and global popularity, he faces a new challenge when his second son is born with Williams Syndrome. But this time, rather than stand and fight, he runs. While Cash continues to make his fortune in the ring, his eldest son Jett (Darren Mann) becomes the caregiver to his younger brother Quinn (Colin McKenna). When Jett decides to follow his father’s fighting footsteps and take to the fight game, he faces his past head on, embarking on a course inevitably pitting father versus son in a battle which, no matter the outcome, neither can win.”

    Dreamland (Nov. 20)

    Paramount Pictures says, “Academy Award® nominee Margot Robbie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) “is fantastic” (Indiewire) in this “dazzling” (Hollywood Reporter) love story set amidst America’s struggle during the Great Depression. Eugene Evans (Finn Cole, “Peaky Blinders”) dreams of escaping his small Texas town when he discovers a wounded, fugitive bank robber Allison Wells (Robbie) hiding closer than he could ever imagine. Torn between claiming the bounty for her capture and his growing attraction to the seductive criminal, nothing is as it seems, and Eugene must make a decision that will forever affect the lives of everyone he’s ever loved. Travis Fimmel (Warcraft), Kerry Condon (Avengers: Infinity War) and Lola Kirke (American Made) also star in this “beautifully shot coming-of-age story” (Indiewire).”

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