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    How to Spot the Perfect New Year’s Eve Champagne

    New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and it’s the perfect night to pop a bottle of bubbly.

    We’ve all been there before — wandering the aisles of the liquor store looking for a bottle of wine. It’s even worse when you’re looking for a bottle of bubbly. Do you get sparkling wine, Champagne or Prosecco? The options are endless. We did a little research to learn more about Champagne and how to pick the perfect bottle for your night.

    Know what makes a Champagne.

    Many people use the term “Champagne” to define any type of bubbly wine. The truth is real champagne comes from Champagne, France. To be called Champagne it also has to come from chardonnay, pinot noir or pinot meunier grapes. The liquid in true Champagne is also fermented in the bottle, not in tanks. This is what creates the delicious Champagne flavor.

    Do you want something sweeter than traditional Champagne? You may consider going with a cava, Prosseco or even a sparkling wine. Cava comes from Spain and is sweeter and cheaper than Champagne. Prosecco is a little sweeter still and comes from Italy. Sparkling wines come in various flavors and from all over the globe.

    New Year's Eve Champagne

    The more mature the Champagne, the better.

    New Year’s Eve is a special night and it calls for a special bottle of bubbles. According to Vinofile, “the age of the wine and how well it’s currently drinking, matter far more than any other factor.” They have a ton of tips for picking the perfect Champagne — and it all starts with age. Read more about finding the perfect age here.

    New Year's Eve Champagne

    Not sure? Don’t overspend.

    There’s nothing worse than splurging on a bottle of wine and not liking it. Instead of splurging for New Year’s Eve, spend around $20. If you don’t love it, it’s not a huge loss. They also make larger bottles of Champagne that will definitely get the attention of your partygoers. According to Vinofile, wine in the big bottles also matures faster than regular Champagne bottles. That’s the perfect reason to pop a bigger bottle!

    New Year's Eve Champagne

    There are a ton of options when it comes to your New Year’s Eve wine. It may be somewhat of a guessing game but it’s mostly about the experience. Enjoy your bubbles and your guests this New Year’s Eve! We also recommend grabbing a few Champagne bottle stoppers to keep your Champagne nice and bubbly through the music note drop.