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    Nefesh Mountain Play Nashville’s Station Inn for Album Release Party

    Tuesday was a big night for bluegrass band, Nefesh Mountain. They performed in Nashville for their album release party and Nashville Noise was there.

    The best way we can describe this band is by calling them an effective blend of bluegrass, Hebrew and a little bit of country. Nefesh Mountain is a unique and talented group and we had the privilege of celebrating their sophomore release, Beneath the Open Sky.

    Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg are husband and wife from New Jersey and they put a new twist on bluegrass. This music is a way for them to celebrate their heritage and history. Beneath the Open Sky has 11 tracks and each one tells a special story. One particular standout is “Bound for the Promised Land.” Promised Land are two words that have been standing out to the couple, particularly as of late.

    “We’ve been thinking about [those words] a lot this past year,” Lindberg says. “Not only for this country but for ourselves. To get to that place where you want to get to a better place with yourself and your soul. We’ve been through hard times in the last year and so has this nation and I think this song is reflective of that. Not in a sorrowful way, more in a way of let’s enjoy the journey and try to get to a better place together. Let’s break down these walls.”

    These two putting their own twist on their music is exactly what the music industry needs right now. Nefesh Mountain are a gamechanger. We think they could open people’s hearts while bringing us all along for the journey of their lives.

    Start your journey with Nefesh Mountain now by downloading their most recent album from their official website. See the complete list of their tour dates on their tour page.


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