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    Review: Trailblazing Women with the Nashville Symphony

    Trailblazing Women with the Nashville Symphony was a night celebrating talented female composers in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. All three of the pieces performed were products of only-female composers.

    Conductor Giancarlo Guerrero brought up the importance of highlighting women in his introduction and throughout the night, saying the Symphony was pushing for equality. If the goal of the Nashville Symphony and Guerrero was to create a program that would excite the crowd, leading to an appreciation of the contributions of women to symphonic music… they succeeded.

    The Joan Tower composition was a moving piece of classical music that stirred the emotions of the crowd and the Florence Price piano concerto, performed by Karen Walwyn, brought those in attendance to their feet.

    The highlight of the night, though, was Pulitzer Prize-winner Julia Wolfe’s “Her Story.” With the Lorelei Ensemble providing vocals, Wolfe told the story of the struggle of women to gain autonomy over their own lives and to be heard. The most poignant portion was when the women made their way to the front of the stage holding up letters that spelled “Unamerican.”

    It ended with the Lorelei Ensemble proudly proclaiming, “Women are strong.” As they sang those words, I turned to my right and saw a teenage girl so moved that she was crying on her mom’s shoulders. It was at that moment that I realized I had just witnessed a wonderful mixture of art and activism. 

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