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    Nashville Improv Brings Hilarious High-Energy Improv to Music City

    Are you looking for more comedy in Nashville? Want to see something other than stand up for a change? We found that with Music City’s very own improvisational troupe, Nashville Improv.

    First of all, it’s important to understand improv. Improv is comedy that’s made up in the moment, sometimes with the help of the audience. The skits aren’t rehearsed, the punchlines aren’t predetermined and a lot of it seems to rely on the troupe’s camaraderie. If they don’t trust each other and work well together, their jokes won’t make you laugh. (If you really don’t know anything about improv, check out Don’t Think Twice with Keegan-Michael Key.)

    Nashville Improv is our very own, very talented troupe right here in Nashville. They’re professional, they’re (very) funny and they have a wide variety of options to make you laugh. We suggest starting with one of their shows. They’re all listed on their website and they’re usually just $10. That’s right, $10 for a night of belly laughs. Their shows are from 90 to 100 minutes and they’re usually PG-13. At the minimum, they perform on the 1st and the 3rd weekend of every month.

    Once you catch one of their entertaining shows, you may consider a career in improv. Ok maybe you don’t want to make a full-time career out of doing improv comedy but a class couldn’t hurt! The troupe actually says they’ll make you more fun at parties (and who doesn’t want that?!). They also do training and corporate events. If you book one of their corporate events, you’ll definitely be up for boss of the year!

    Make it your 2018 resolution to catch Nashville Improv at one of their monthly shows. Then consider taking your comedy to a new level with classes (your friends will definitely be jealous). Find out all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about Nashville Improv here.

    Nashville Improv

    And stay tuned, we hope to cover lots more Nashville Improv fun this year!