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Get a Sneak Peek at War Memorial Auditorium’s Nashville House Concerts

War Memorial Auditorium‘s Nashville House Concerts series kicks off Sept. 7 but we have a sneak peek!

As Nashville Noise previously reported, War Memorial’s 10-month musical variety show kicks off next month. The series has an impressive lineup including the one and only Martina McBride. The Nashville House Concerts series starts in September and runs through June of 2018. Sirius XM’s Storme Warren and country artist Joe Denim will host the shows that happen on the first Thursday of every month.

Although the shows haven’t started yet, we got a sneak peek of the series. The preview party featured hosts Warren and Denim and a few other talented folks. Leah Turner and Jackie Lee were also on hand to play a few songs for the party. If this was any indication of what’s to come, you do not want to miss the Nashville House Concerts series.

“This is about Nashville, its music and the moment. And no two moments will ever be the same,” Warren explains. “Rising stars, established legends, songwriters and entertainers of all types will share this iconic space together with the audience. And the audience will always play a key role in each show. Joe and I will more than likely embarrass ourselves on a regular basis. We’re kind of like the weird uncles you only have over for holiday dinners — fun to be around for a while but you’re not real sorry when we leave.”

The shows are from 7PM to 9PM each night at War Memorial Auditorium. Tickets for all of the shows are $25 each and they’re on sale now. Get your tickets at the auditorium’s official website or by calling (615) 782-4030. Check out the full list of dates here.

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