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2021 Nashville Film Festival: Day One Recap

The Nashville Film Festival officially started yesterday (Sept. 30). I attended opening night and reviewed several of the films, including Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road.

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road

In this doc, we see Brian Wilson riding along with his good friend (and Rolling Stone writer) Jason Fine. They get real about the highs and lows of his life and his career. Director Brent Wilson spoke during the Q&A and said that Wilson was unaware of the cameras or audio recording in the car for most of it. That’s what allowed us to see a very vulnerable side of him.

The other thing I loved about this documentary was hearing firsthand the impact that Wilson had on musicians through multiple generations. We hear from Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and even Nick Jonas about how he influenced them and their craft.

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road isn’t perfect. It lacks structure which made it a frustrating watch. That being said, I would recommend this documentary to any of The Beach Boys fans. You’ll enjoy the interesting stories, Wilson’s witty humor and it’ll allow you to reminisce good ole days. It’s “Good Vibrations” throughout.

The Murder Podcast

As a podcaster myself, I was really excited about this selection. It showcased the struggles that podcasters go through — and was so accurate!

The Graveyard Shift selection was directed by William Bagley. “Two amateur podcasters start investigating a murder in their hometown only to become wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats.”

Structurally, this movie is uneven. It even falls off the rails a little but it’s generally a pretty fun watch. Andrew McDermott and Cooper Bucha look like they’re enjoying themselves throughout, making it even better.

Slice of Adventure

This short film is the animated tale of a dragon trying to get a free pizza if the pizza guy arrives late. It’s a heartwarming, personal story – one that I never knew I needed. It was the best four minutes of my day.

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