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    Nashville Film Festival Announces Huge Change for 2019 Season

    Big changes are coming for the Nashville Film Festival! Our local festival recently announced that they’d be moving, to the fall, for the 2019 season.

    We just got word that its moving time for the annual Nashville Film Festival. They said they’re “thrilled” with the change for their 50th year. The 2019 Nashville Film Festival is set for Oct. 3 through Oct. 12, so mark your calendars.

    According to their newsletter, there were a lot of reasons for this big change. “This move gives us more time to make [the] 50th anniversary the best film festival Nashville has ever seen.” They also hope that this separates them from “other major film fests and industry busy seasons.” NFF also said that “this will allow us to bring Nashville more great speakers and industry VIPs and, of course, films.”

    Although that means it’s more than a year until we get to attend the festival, there are still events throughout this summer. There are two big workshops coming up for filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers. They’ll host a How to Sell in Hollywood workshop as well as a Get That Money and Get it Back workshop.

    The first happens Aug. 18 with Ali Gusberg. The How to Sell in Hollywood event allows attendees to “learn from a working screenwriter on how to find success in the increasingly competitive world of Hollywood entertainment.” Learn how to get your foot in the door through tips, tricks and even a Q&A. The cost for this workshop is $95. Find out more here.

    Get That Money and Get it Back happens on Sept. 9. That one also costs $95 and will help attendees learn “how to independently finance your film and find distribution after it’s complete.” Grab tickets and learn more about that one here.

    Stay tuned for more information as the 2019 Nashville Film Festival approaches.

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