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    Two Nashville Natives Launch NaSHEville Lifestyle Brand Today

    "We are here to encourage each other, through successes and failures, joys and losses."

    Two Nashville natives have launched an empowering lifestyle brand called NaSHEville. They have big goals for their new endeavor.

    NaSHEville is a brand, body and a movement that celebrates fierce, grace-filled Music City women. They’re asking women to share their gifts and their stories with other SHE’s of the city.

    Brooke Tometich and Mattie Selecman are the brains behind the brand — and they’re both Nashville natives. Their purpose is simple (but so important): to create a community for women to share their stories and support one another in grace, to provide a unique, chic lifestyle and apparel brand for women of Nashville and to create and a platform to give back the brand’s finances and time to three core ministries: orphans, widows and trafficked women of the city.

    To give back, the women have exclusively partnered with Love One International for all their orphan outreach efforts.

    “God has sent me down many roads the past few years and this is finally where they all intersect,” founder Tometich explains. “NaSHEville was born out of a deep desire to connect all my passions and create a community of gracious and supportive women. It’s always fun to look cute for a cause and we are so excited to link arms with the SHE’s of our beautiful city.”

    “I’ve always been a girl who knew I could do anything — anything I set my mind to or that God had in the cards for me,” co-founder Selecman says. “Now, that anything is NaSHEville — a brand and mission that tells all women in Nashville that same truth. The truth that we are here to encourage each other, through successes and failures, joys and losses. The truth that through something as fundamental as clothing, we can help the broken and give back to SHE’s who are truly in need.”

    The apparel portion of the brand is launching first but that’s not all they have coming. Following that will be stories, blogs, podcasts and events. For more information, check them out on Instagram.