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    Music Crush of the Month: Meet Americana Artist Will Payne Harrison

    Will Payne Harrison is a singer-songwriter that uprooted his life in Louisiana to move to Nashville to pursue music. Since moving to Music City, he’s successfully blended his evolving sound with his L.A. roots and he’s written some incredible songs along the way. That’s why he’s our August 2020 Music Crush of the Month.

    If you’re a fan of singer-songwriters with an Americana or roots sound, you’ll be a fast fan of Harrison. He’s got a diverse musical background that includes traditional cajun music, Louisiana blues, New Orleans brass bands, “swamp pop” and Zydeco. He’s a melting pot of musical influences, all of which can be heard in his personal unique blend.

    Harrison’s catalog showcases his diversity and can help new listeners find a place to start. If you’re a country or bluegrass fan, check out East Nashville Blues first. If you’d like to hear more of his roots, check out his newest record, Living with Ghosts. For this release, he included some Louisiana talent including The Rayo Brothers members (Jesse Reaux, Lance Kelehan and Jordan Ardoin) and lead guitarist Jim McGee.

    This is only the beginning of our coverage of Harrison, our introductory piece if you will. We’ll continue to feature him all month long as our Music Crush of the Month. Stay tuned to hear our favorite song from the singer-songwriter, our full interview with him and more!

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