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    Music Crush of the Month: Meet Country’s Newest Badass Kassi Ashton

    Kassi Ashton is a talented songwriter with a side of sass and swagger. She’s a force to be reckoned with and she’s Nashville Noise’s very first Music Crush of the Month.

    Although we can tell you about the Missouri native, we’d rather you hear it directly from her.

    I graduated with 86 sheep, I was the black one. If there was a reputation to be out in this town, I had the bad one. I was born in the wrong place in the wrong time, But sometimes the wrong way makes you the right kind,” the soulful singer says in her song, “California, Missouri.”

    Ashton’s obviously originally from California — California, Missouri. Now, she’s living in Nashville and she’s signed to UMG Nashville in conjunction with Interscope Records. She’s quickly making a name for herself in country music and was even featured on Keith Urban‘s Graffiti UAshton lends her vocals to Urban’s “Drop Top.” Judging by Urban’s interviews regarding the up-and-comer, he’s also a big fan of the Missouri native.

    Nashville Noise finally got the chance to see Ashton perform live during CRS’ UMG Lunch at the Ryman (see some highlights on our Instagram). She took the Ryman stage to perform her song, “The Straw.” Although we got lots of photos and videos during that lengthy star-studded lunch, we didn’t get any of the sassy singer. Why? Because, from start to finish, we were completely mesmerized. It was her swagger. It was her confidence. It was the emotion in her voice. She’s the total package.

    Although we’ve yet to hear a recorded version of the track, hear a clip of the live version below. Prepare to be blown away.


    Stay tuned for more Kassi Ashton as we celebrate her all month long as our Music Crush of the Month. You’ll be hooked in no time!