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Mötley Crüe Celebrates 43rd Anniversary By Virtually Opening Their Crüeseum

Mötley Crüe are opening the virtual doors to the World’s Most Notorious Museum, the Crüeseum. This is in celebration of the iconic band’s 43rd anniversary today.

The museum was created in partnership with Definitive Authentic/Inveniem, with memorabilia from the band over the years. It includes stage clothes, photos, instruments, mementos and more. Lots of this has never been seen by the public! The archives are in three collections: “Shout at the Devil,” a celebration of the Crüe’s legendary breakthrough album; ”On with the Show,” a dedication to Mötley’s life on the road; and “Home Sweet Home – Los Angeles,” a dirty love letter to the city that made them.

The Crüeseum is still growing, so they recommend fans check back often. Gain access and find more information here.