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Moonlight Social Are ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ in New Video

Moonlight Social is a fun-loving adult alternative duo comprised of Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott. They’re both singer-songwriters but their talents go well beyond that and it’s evident in their brand new video for their new single, “Keeping Up with the Joneses.”

For the new visual, Burchard and Scott both wrote, shot and edited it and it’s our favorite of their music videos so far. In the video, you’ll see them playing children’s instruments — and having the best time. There’s also a cast of kids and that was something new for the duo.

“When we started working on this video, we really wanted to tell a story that captured the whole vibe of the song without just recreating the actual lyrics,” Burchard says. “We were a little worried cause we’d never worked with kids as the main characters but they totally crushed it. There’s something really fun about watching this innocent, tenacious underdog set to the tune of our potty-mouthed millennial sarcasm.”

Scott says the song came from a really honest place, but they took a fun turn with it.

“This was a fun one to write because we sat down and said, ‘Alright, here’s the idea… Here are some situations we’ve personally lived through.’ We’ve always aimed to be as honest with our music as possible and this is about as honest as it gets. Who hasn’t been broke before,” Scott says.

Watch the entire video above.