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    Exclusive Premiere: Moonlight Social’s New Video Shows Love Around Nashville

    Country duo Moonlight Social have a brand new video for “My Everything” and Nashville Noise has the exclusive premiere. 

    Moonlight Social is Jennica Scott and Jeremy Burchard. They’re a duo that formed back in 2010 when they met as members of the University of Texas Longhorn Marching Band. Fast forward to 2016 when the band packed up their lives and left Austin to come to Nashville. After moving to Music City, they really got to work.

    “My Everything” is the new single from Moonlight Social’s EP, Make You Smile. The EP dropped earlier this year and this is definitely one of its standouts.

    “This song is really special to me. We weren’t sure what kind of love song we were writing at first and then decided we shouldn’t put it in a box,” Scott explains. “There are a billion different kinds of love and this song perfectly describes them all. It could be about a parent’s love for their child, a friend’s love for a friend or it can be the first dance song at your brother’s wedding. Which, by the way, happened this year and it totally took me by surprise. But it was perfect, and everyone felt the love in that perfect moment. That’s what music is about.”

    Burchard echoed Scott’s statements adding, “We really wanted the ‘My Everything’ video to do that concept justice — now more than ever it’s important to remember love flows through us in so many ways. Driving around Nashville, it’s in the pulse of the city. It was just a natural fit to match the different messages of love spread across the walls of this town with a song that has taken on a special meaning to a lot of folks.”

    Watch the beautiful video for this special song above and click the album art below to download the Make You Smile EP.


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