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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Molly Adele Brown, a Singer with a Big Heart

    Molly Adele Brown is one part Americana musician and one part equality activist. She’s talented and has a heart of gold and we’re getting to know her in this new interview.

    Brown’s personality, like her talent, is well-rounded. She’s quirky, fun and passionate about helping others. Most recently she dedicated herself to baking cookies for Nashville’s homeless community and speaking up for the LGBTQ community.

    We chatted with her about her music, where she finds her inspiration and about her Kindness Cookies.

    Nashville Noise: Let’s start off with your music. Where did you develop your passion for music?
    Molly Adele Brown: My love for music stems from my love of performing. As a kid, I loved being the center of attention. Well, let’s be real, I still do. I created elaborate productions, charging my family a quarter to  see my latest rendition of The Lion King or Aladdin. One of my personal favorites was the Christmas show when I made it snow inside by placing cut-up paper on the ceiling fan. Special effects aside, music was always the centerpiece to my shows. I love songs that tell a story.

    If I asked you to describe your music without genre lines, only using adjectives, how would you describe it?
    MAB: Brave, witty and entertaining

    You also write your music. Where do you find your inspiration?
    MAB: I find inspiration every day, all around me. As humans, we are surrounded by so much life. By opening my eyes to what is right in front of me, I am able to find material and use that to fuel my songs. That is why I tend to write about social issues. One example is my recent song “Sweeter World” which came about when I realized one day that all of the alcohol brands are named after men. I brought that up in a co-write with Tim Angsten and Tim Baumgarten and the next thing we knew we had an entertaining song describing how it would be a sweeter world if those brands were named after women.

    Wow. What a great idea. Speaking of new music, your recent single is “Only Human.” What’s the story behind that one?
    MAB: I am an advocate for the Only Human organization! Their mission is to spread kindness and show everyone compassion. I truly love the company and when I went into a co-write with Corey Lee Barker, I shared that passion with him and it felt like the song wrote itself. We stuck to their mission and sang the truth.

    You’re now a Nashvillian but you moved from NYC. How did that affect your music?
    MAB: Well, this one is a funny one. In New York, I was categorized as a country artist. I really thought that was the genre that best described me and it made sense when I was there. The minute I moved down to Nashville and began to grow as an artist and find my voice, I could feel myself transition from the “country” feel into an “Americana pop” feel. I love the sound and vibe I am giving off now, it just feels right!

    I assume New York City also helped inspire one of your passions: fighting social injustices and helping the homeless. Is that true?
    Growing up in New York we spent a lot of time in the city. My mother always had us pick out a scarf or some gloves from a street vendor to give to a homeless person on the street. We also did many midnight runs with our church youth group which made a huge impact on me. As I got older and lived in the city on my own, I always carried extra snacks and things to give out as I went about my day.

    That connection to the homeless community early on has really stayed with me. It was my first experience with social injustice. Since moving to Nashville, I have become involved with a lot of other social issues such as equal rights and fighting for the LGBTQ community. This awareness has fueled my passion to make a difference through compassion, love music.

    You started Kindness Cookies to help the homeless right here in Nashville. How did that come about?
    Throughout the years, I’ve always carried extra granola bars or pieces of fruit in my backpack to pass along to those in need when I met them on the street. This small gesture always seemed to brighten their day and provide them with some sustenance. I wanted to take that gesture one step further and realized that while a packaged granola bar is kind, passing along cookies that I took the time to bake with my community showed an even greater level of commitment. It’s about more than just aid — it’s about humanity. Additionally, bringing together my community was a way to share my passion for spreading kindness with friends and family. And who doesn’t love an excuse to bake cookies once a month? 

    How do you hope your music and your philanthropic efforts continue to grow in 2019?
    Momentum is a wonderful thing. 2018 was my best year yet, writing over 50 songs and formalizing my Molly’s Kindness Cookie efforts. My goal is to keep growing in both of these rich areas in my life. I am proud of what I am doing and want more people involved in choosing kindness — in all facets of their lives as well. I want to use my music to teach the world, especially younger generations, to lead with kindness and love. 

    Find out more about Brown’s philanthropic efforts by following her on Instagram and download “Only Human” by clicking on the album artwork below.

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