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    Review: Mojawa Run Plus-IP68 Waterproof Sports Headphones

    It was hard to find headphones that provide good sound and enough stability for summer sports… until now! Enter the Mojawa Run Plus headphones, our favorite headphones for all your summer activities.

    The Mojawa Run Plus is an IP68 super waterproof bone conduction Bluetooth headphone with 32G storage so you can enjoy music when swimming or running in the rain — without your phone! That sold us on these new headphones for summer and now that we’ve had time to test them out, we’re so pleased with them. This is an upgraded version of their Mojo2.

    According to the company, these work up to two meters underwater. Although we didn’t try diving to the bottom of the pool, these worked great for swimming laps. They also have touch abilities so you can easily switch play modes and can adjust the volume. The Mojawa Run Plus also have eight hours of battery life which was perfect for a long day at the pool this summer. In just five minutes of charging, you’re able to get 90-minutes of use out of them which made them even more appropriate for our active lifestyles.

    Although these are built for underwater, they don’t lack great sound (which impressed us the most!). The sound is stronger, better and louder! They are also very stable and we didn’t experience any sound dropping during our test. Our favorite part about these active headphones is they are so lightweight you can barely feel them! They definitely won’t interfere with any of your water activities while the temperatures are scorching.

    Find out more and get your own pair of Mojawa Run Plus here.