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    Miya Folick ‘Stops Talking,’ Rocks The High Watt

    While Folick seems like a pop artist on the outside, she's a rocker at her core.

    Aesthetically, it would be easy to compare Miya Folick to Maggie Rogers. In a music climate where we grasp at comparisons, her studio work is in a very unique space without much that sounds similar. If that is a genre, Folick’s most well-known song, “Thingamajig,” certainly seems to fit within it.

    She took the stage at The High Watt last night at 9:45 PM in front of an excited crowd. Folick didn’t engage with her audience much but, after her opening number, she took time to reflect on the rough trip to Music City. She and her band played Raleigh the night before and the commute across I-40 was not kind.

    “We almost didn’t get here,” she said. “We went up the 40 and traffic was backed up for miles so we took a detour. We should have known taking the detour was a bad idea when we got there and there were no other cars but we kept going.”

    The road was closed but, lucky for us, the California native and her band managed to find their way just in time for the set.

    Folick’s show was a very high-energy 60 minutes with the crowd soaking up every second. She separated herself from the aforementioned artist when she picked up an electric guitar and shredd it.

    While her set was reliant on some loops and other pre-recorded music, her four-piece band recreated most of her studio sound live. She closed her set with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Child of God,” which is probably the better statement in describing her sound to the uninitiated. While Folick seems like a pop artist on the outside, she’s a rocker at her core.

    Folick’s debut LP, Premonitions, was released in 2018.