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    Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Offers PetFirst Pet Insurance

    Miranda Lambert‘s MuttNation Foundation is doing even more for new pet families. They’re now offering one month of pet insurance — for free!

    Lambert and her mom, Bev Lambert, founded MuttNation, a 501c3 nonprofit, back in 2009. Now, they’ve joined forces with PetFirst, a national pet insurance company, to promote the adoption of rescue pets.

    This new alliance means that every pet adopted through the foundation will be eligible to receive a month of PetFirst pet insurance with their adoption. Anyone who donates to MuttNation will become a MuttNation Citizen and have access to this insurance at a discounted rate. There are also other perks with the citizenship.

    “We’re excited to be able to offer this additional benefit,” Lambert said. “MuttNation’s efforts to find forever homes for rescue animals is a great match with PetFirst helping to remove the financial worry from pet ownership. Together, we can make adopting rescue pets an even better experience.”

    Pet insurance is a huge benefit for new adopters, especially during that first month. This will give new pet families an extra boost of confidence as they bring home their new family member.

    “We’ve found that offering pet insurance to newly rescued animals significantly increases the chances of a successful adoption,” said Katie Blakeley, CEO of PetFirst. “It’s not uncommon for a rescued pet to have relatively minor, short-term health challenges related to the stress of being rehomed or being exposed to other animals in a kennel-type environment. Even though it may just be a minor respiratory infection, a vet bill right off the bat can be scary to new pet families.”

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