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    Nashville Noise Gets to Know Pop-Rock Band Midnight Endeavor

    Midnight Endeavor is a four-piece pop-rock band with 80s influence. They just played a show in Nashville and we got to know the band.

    Nashville Noise: First of all, I have to ask the story behind your name
    Midnight Endeavors: Josh thought of it at work one day. It really captures the feelings of those nights growing up, riding around with your friends, doing things you probably shouldn’t be doing. Midnight Endeavor started playing music together in the summer of 2017 in what they call the “Tinder House.” Josh and Will matched with three different girls on Tinder, who all happened to be friends. Josh invited them over to hang out one day and quickly they started all hanging out 24/7, drinking and writing music together.

    Their friends would watch their band practices and Josh and Will would be writing songs while everyone was partying downstairs. This is where the lyrics draw inspiration from and they have an essence of those summer nights full of cheap wine and Camel cigarettes with your friends — Midnight Endeavors.

    I love it. I also love that you have a plethora of influences. Tell me about how these influences have impacted your current sound?
    ME: Josh wrote the songs with the 80s synth pop style in mind. He grew up listening to that genre and the lyrics fit well with the style. We’re really inspired by British bands and the whole pop movement across the pond — The 1975, Cherry Pools, No Rome, Pale Waves, Hippo Campus — all of those bands have really impacted us.

    And how do you describe your sound?
    ME: 80s synth pop with some of The Killers, David Bowie and British pop.

    You currently have a single out titled, “Friends.” What’s the story behind that song
    ME: Our second single, “Friends,” is essentially about relationship management. The line between romantic and platonic relationships can be hard to pin down and dynamic so the song is really just us navigating that kind of ambiguity.

    You just played here in Nashville. How was that show and when will we see you again?
    ME: Our Nashville show was awesome! We’ll be back in the summer and can’t wait.

    Check out “Friends” on Apple Music below and stay tuned for more from Midnight Endeavor.