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    Middle Tennessee Toast 2017: Vote for Nashville Noise

    Nashville Noise is honored to be a nominee in Middle Tennessee Toast 2017. We’re in the running for Best Local Blog and would love your vote.

    Middle Tennessee Toast is a readers’ choice award by the Tennessean and sponsored by First Tennessee. There are six main categories where they honor Food & Drink, People, Retail Stores, Places, Counties and Services. Under each main category are several sub-categories where things like Best Law Firm, Best Day Spa, Best Comedy Club, Best Antique Shop, Best Local Radio DJ and Best Local Blog are voted on.

    In that last sub-category is where you’ll find our little website (that we’re very proud of). We would love your vote and it only takes a second. Just go to PEOPLE – BEST LOCAL BLOG and place your vote for Nashville Noise! All you need is your email address and Middle Tennessee zip code. Want to take it one step further? Share your vote on socials and help Nashville Noise take home Best Local Blog in Middle Tennessee Toast 2017!

    Thank you to all of our readers! We are so grateful for you!

    Middle Tennessee Toast 2017

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