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    Exclusive Premiere: MICVH’s Breathtaking Single ‘Copper and Wine’

    is an incredible folk singer-songwriter and she has a brand new song. We’re exclusively premiering the breathtaking, “Copper and Wine.”

    The track begins with MICVH’s gorgeous vocals and a calm acoustic guitar. It’s honest, raw and real, which is largely due to the powerful lyrics MICVH portrays. The lyrics on several universal themes including love, longing, excitement hope. It’s a song we can all relate to with MICVH’s impeccable vocals really making it hit home.

    “It touches on traveling and love and the tough choices we make in life,” she explains. “Although it comes from a real experience in my life, I think it relates to a lot of people not just myself as an artist or person… The meaning has changed for me over the years, but the underlying thought of ‘Copper and Wine’ remains the same — to not be distracted by things that seem so perfect and instead refocus on what feels right for you.”

    “Copper and Wine” is our new favorite song. Listen to it below.

    “Copper and Wine” was written by Micah Cottingham, produced and recorded by Kyle . It’s the beautiful first single and track from MICVH’s new EP, Singularity.

    Find out more about MICVH by liking her on Facebook.

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