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    May 2023 New Music: An All-Genre Playlist from Nashville Noise

    This month started out strong with a release from one of our favorite voices, Shy Carter. He collaborated with Caitlyn Smith for “this new “How Did You Sleep.” There were lots of other great releases in May 2023, from all genres. Here are some of our favorites.

    CIL – “Devil in Your Eyes”

    This track is CIL’s major label debut today with Warner Records. The powerhouse pop singer says this song is about one thing – “freedom.” She says, “It’s about realizing somebody wasn’t who you thought they were. You may break over them, but at least you’re breaking free.”

    Caleb Hearn – “1200 Sq Ft”

    Caleb Hearn is a singer/songwriter you need to know. He just released the EP, of the same name, and every single track is fantastic. Hearn says, “‘1200 sq ft,’ as the title track, is the summary of the EP. It’s about the first house I ever lived in, both the good and bad memories combined into a song that really lays it all out there.”

    The Swon Brothers – “The Ride”

    The Swon Brothers paid homage to David Allen Coe with their version of the classic song, “The Ride.” “Songs about classic country artists like Hank Sr. always haunt me in a good way. This is just a really cool story and I can visualize every line. My favorite songs are the ones that would make a good movie and this is one of those,” says Zach Swon.

    Shy Carter + Caitlyn Smith – “How Did You Sleep”

    Carter and Smith teamed up for this relatable track. They also co-produced and co-wrote the song alongside Bryan Simpson. “‘How Did You Sleep’ is about missing the one you love and wondering how they’re able to make it through the night without you,” Carter said. “It’s always been a dream of mine to work with Caitlyn Smith. Her voice brings the song to a whole new level, and I was so blessed to be able to write it with her and Bryan Simpson.”

    “Shy Carter is one of my favorite artists in Nashville, and it was such a joy to write, produce and sing on this track alongside him,” Smith says. “It’s a real story that I’m so grateful he trusted me to craft with him and share with the world.”

    Jillian Cardarelli – “Could’ve Been Boy”

    Jillian Cardarelli wrote her new single with songwriters Liz Hengber and Matt Wynn. The track is about reflecting on a past relationship and wondering how it could have gone. Cardarelli says, “When an impactful relationship ends, we’ve all probably looked back and wondered… what could have been. So we wrote this song to acknowledge the ones that got away. Heartache is a universal storyline and we know so many people will be able to relate to this song.”