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Matt Stell Better Than That EP
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Matt Stell’s ‘Better Than That’ EP Drops Oct. 16

The title of Matt Stell’s new EP says it all. Better Than That is a collection of eight songs from the rising country star.

“Everywhere But On,” “If I Was a Bar” and Stell’s No. 1 single “Prayed for You” are all on the EP along with five other songs. The music was co-produced by Stell alongside Ash Bowers and includes songwriting credits from both along with Allison Veltz-Cruz, Seth Ennis and more.

“I think the silver lining to quarantine and being off of the road is that I’ve been able to focus on writing and becoming more creative,” Stell says.  “I’m really proud of these new songs, so it’s exciting to finally get them out to the fans.” 

Pre-order the new EP, which drops Oct. 16, by clicking on the album artwork below.

Better Than That EP Track Listing:

1. Everywhere But On (Matt Stell, Paul Sikes and Lance Miller)
2. If I Was A Bar (Dan Isbell, Zack Kale and Jonathan Singleton)
3. Prayed For You (Ash Bowers, Matt Stell and Allison Veltz-Cruz)
4. Better Than That (Joe Fox, Phil Barton and Matt Stell)
5. I Love You Too (Seth Alley, Matt Stell Ryan Peterson)
6. Sadie (Nate Cyphert, Sam Roman, Parrish Warrington and Diederik van Elsas)
7. Chase it Down (Jarrod Ingram, Blake Hubbard, Brian Maher and Matt Stell)
8. Look at Me Now (Joe Fox, Seth Ennis and Thomas Finchum)

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