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Mary J. Blige Soulfully Sings ‘Mighty River’ at the 2018 Oscars

Mary J. Blige took the 2018 Oscars stage to perform “Mighty River” during the show. 

“Mighty River” is from Mudbound and is one of the night’s nominees for Best Original Song. During the show, she proved why she was nominated for the track along with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson.

From start to finish, this performance was breathtaking. Blige appeared at the song’s beginning surrounded by smoke and dark clouds on the screen behind her. “Rain” also fell behind her adding to the mood along with the dim lighting.

The only brightness on the 2018 Oscars stage during her performance was Blige’s red off-the-shoulder mermaid dress. She beautifully sang the song as images from the film played behind her. After many moments, a chorus of women took the stage to help belt out the song.

Men then joined the chorus on stage and, as the chorus filled in the background, the mood lightened a little. The background got less dim and the energy level increased. Blige belted out the lyrics as this happened — creating a truly memorable moment. The Oscars audience cheered for the song, with many of them standing, but that wasn’t the end. The chorus continued to sing and clap to the commercial break.

See the full list of Best Original Song nominees here.

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