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Martina McBride Sends Relief to Those Affected by Hurricanes

Martina McBride and her charity, Team Music is Love, have joined with One Generation Away to provide relief to those affected by hurricanes.

The organizations have teamed up to bring mobile food pantry trucks from right here in Nashville to Texas. The food pantries will have water, ready-to-eat food, boxed meals and fresh fruits and vegetables. Volunteers, as well as McBride fans, will be there to hand out food to those who need it.

These mobile food pantries are a blessing, especially during times of disaster. During disasters, such as floods or hurricanes, communities have limited access to grocery stores and these pantries are able to step in and help. They allow families to get basic necessities they desperately need in dire situations.

This isn’t the first time McBride has sponsored a mobile food pantry. Volunteers, and McBride herself, stepped in to help pass out food from one during CMA Fest this year. They gave out more than 25K pounds of food and they’re hoping to do the same now to help Hurricane Harvey victims but they need your help.

If you’re interested (and able to) make a donation, you can do so at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The donations are tax deductible and the money will be used to stock food trucks that will travel to Texas. Make your donation at Martina McBride’s official website or through this official link.

Follow Team Music is Love on Facebook to see your donations make a difference. The organizations will also be watching Hurricane Irma closely “and will support efforts to send help to the area as well.”

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