Maren Morris is Keeping Son off Social Media to Avoid Mommy Shaming

In a new interview with SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren Show, Maren Morris revealed why she's keeping her son off social media — for now.

Maren Morris can take a lot of criticism but not when it comes to her new role as a mother. The Grammy Award-winning singer opened up about that in a new interview with SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren Show on The Highway.

It all started with an adorable photo of Morris holding her son, Hayes. In the pic, Morris and Hayes are on an inflatable raft on the water — in matching outfits. Although we think it’s one of the cutest photos of 2020, mommy shamers didn’t agree.

“We were tying a pool float to the dock and I just wanted to get a photo in the float with Hayes. And we were tied to the dock, were are in a foot of water and I am holding him. I posted it to Instagram and I got so many comments,” she tells Storme Warren and co-host MC. “Mostly moms and they are just like ‘where is his infant life vest.’ I just remember thinking to myself, I can deal with criticism, I can deal with people saying my music sucks or that I am ruining country music. That I have all heard before and can take off like water off a duck’s back but I cannot take right now criticism of my motherhood cause I am so fresh in it.”

“So I just decided that hey if it’s not something that I can expose to for my own mental health I am just going to take the photos off and not open myself up to that kind of criticism. It’s usually from people that are insecure in their own parenthood and are wanting to put that on you so they don’t feel as bad with what they are doing. We are all fighting that battle…. I kind of did delete a lot of stuff off of socials regarding Hayes cause I don’t want to open myself up, or Ryan, or Hayes to that. So for right now, maybe I’ll put photos of him up there again, for right now I just want to keep that part a little more private.”

Although she may not be posting things for followers to see, she’s enjoying the quiet time with Hayes.

“I was supposed to go back and play a festival, I think two months after Hayes was born and I remember it got canceled and the rest of the tour got rescheduled for next year. I remember when that weekend came up that we were supposed to be gone on the road, I was like ‘Oh my God, I am in no way ready to be doing that right now.’ So it is sort of like this gift of time and being able to be home and see every single moment that he has because they grow up so quickly and we’ll never get this first year back…. We get to witness every little milestone that Hayes has so that has been really special.”

Watch that clip (and more) of Morris’ interview with SiriusXM’s Storme Warren below.